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Bring Wildlife into Children’s lives

The Auction

How to bid

The auction will take place at 3pm on the 3rd November 2013 at the   Merchant House Hotel, Falmouth Road, Truro. TR1 2HL. (viewing from 1pm). They will also be on view at the Weal Martyn and Wildlife studio/gallery exhibitions.

This is a live auction by Truro auctioneer Philip Buddell with no reserve on any artworks.  

Postal bids

If you cannot make the live auction you can send a postal bid by completing the details below , or email or by hand. Lot numbers will be available at the exhibitions, by email and in the catalogue. Please follow the link to email your bid, request the auction catalogue and postal bid form. Your bid

A confirmation of your bid will be sent to you and if you do not receive this within 14 days please contact us immediately. Without confirmation your bid might not be registered.       

Prints and cards will be available at the exhibitions for a donation.

Keith Brockie

Lot 77

John Busby

Lot 161

Robin Armstrong

Lot 85

Roger Casteleyn

Lot 134

Stuart Fowle

Lot 38

Ges Wallace

Lot 125

Suzy Sharpe

Lot 39

Nandi Ablett

Lot 33

Tina Bone

Lot 86

Jane Holford Atkins

Lot 76

Suzie Williams

Lot 119

Shari Hills

Lot 138

Mike Hughes

Lot 59

Phil Mumby

Lot 14

Paul Bartlett

Lot 70

Julian Rowe

Lot 142

Catherine Beazley

Lot 139

John Threlfal

Lot 152

Kim Atkinson

Lot 115

Dafila Scott

Lot 162

Darren Rees

Lot 158

Lot 26

Lot 27

Fiona Clucas

Lot 153

Jan Phethean

Lot 20

Chris Thorn

Lot 140

Sue van Copperhagen

Lot 7

Richard Johnson

Lot 36

Lot 40

John Horton

Lot 19

Moira McTague

Lot 154

Ann Squire

Lot 101

Jack Ashton-Booth

Lot 56

Linda Mathews

Lot 157

Joanna Clegg

Lot 75

Bob Sharples

Lot 100

Andy Reid

Lot 43

Lisa Hooper

Lot 130

Nicola McClean

Lot 151

Anne Mullaly

Lot 159

Candida Spencer

Lot 45

Sara McCartney

Lot 145

Lot 62

John Steele

Lot 79

Lot Donate now 4

Amy Cooper

Lot 137

Annabel Harris

Lot 42

Elissa Milsome

Lot 148

Emma Wood

Lot 111

Lot 8

Andrew Stock

Lot 89

Karen Laurence-Rowe

Lot 160

Jon Tremaine

Lot 78

Dan Cole

Lot 147

Kim Thompson

Lot 81

Lot 72

Paul Hoskin

Maureen Crofts

Lot 15

Lot 58

Nick Elton

Lot 131

Lot 83

Lot 35

Lot 133

Lot  84

Claire Walker Leslie

Lot 10

Lot 49

Lot 60

Lot  61

Tracey Ann Stitch

Lot 120


Ian Griffiths

Lot 1

Lot 2

To request your auction catalogue and postal bidding form click here

Mail: mail@artbygriff.com?subject=A Robins song catalogue request

Rob Braybrooks

Lot 91

Lot 163

James Nash

Lot 90

Lot 164

Cathy Stringer

Lot 46


Due to the overwhelming generosity of artists we have more original work than would be wise to auction. Therefore we have reduced the lot numbers on the advice of our auctioneer. If a piece has 2 bids and is not included it will be added back.

All work will be available after the auction for a suggested donation and some maybe added in if time permits.

All unsold work will be available in the future to purchase direct to ensure the project is sustainable. Every artist will have at least one original in the auction.

Lot 144

Lot 113

Lot 17

Dot Searle

Secret auction.

Colin Blanchard

Lot 105

Lot 52

Bill Morton

Lot 41

David Shepherd

Lot 28

Chris Edwards

Lot 47

Rachel Lockwood

Lot 156

John Halbert

Lot 141

Lot 12

Lot 34

Lot 82

Lot 87

Lot 132

Lot 88

Lot 135

Kitty Harvill

Lot 117

Phillip Snow

Lot 71

Lot 29

Dick Twinney collection


Clive Meredith

Lot 150

Lot 63

Lot 3

Lot 18

Lot 114

Lot 4

Lot Donate now 80

Lot 9

Lot 48

Lot 50

Lot 102

Lot 103

Lot 104

Lot 51

Lot 57

Lot 23

Lot 149

Lot 129

Lot 32

Lot 73

Lot 128

Lot 126

Lot 74

Lot 31

Lot 25

Lot 122

Lot 121

Lot 106

Lot 37

Lot 21

Lot 155

Lot 54

Lot 16

Lot 116

Lot 24

Robert Greenhalf

Lot 13

Lot 112

Lot 118

Lot 136

Toni Watts

Lot 11

Lot 44

John Steele

Claire Walker Leslie

Darren Rees

Emma Wood

Ian Griffiths

Gemma Waters

Ian Wallace

Lot 109

Lot 22